2018-09-24 1:40:54

Since its establishment in 1908, FKA Children’s Services (fkaCS) has advocated for high quality education for all Victorian children and families.

In 1978, fkaCS established the Multicultural Resource Centre to provide resources and support to Education and Care services to provide culturally rich environments, together with targeted bicultural support (now Cultural Inclusion Support) to settle children from newly arrived communities into their education and care service.

fkaCS continues to advocate for children’s cultural and linguistic rights and provide support to education and care services in the provision of culturally rich environments that reflect a civil society.

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Latest News

Date published: 12.9.2018

Article: How Culture Influences Children's Development

‘Knowledge about cultural differences can also help us pin down what all children have in common: an insatiable curiosity about the world and a love for the people around them’ -...

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Latest Event

Event Start Date: 14.11.2018

Regional Workshop: Engaging Newly Arrived and Multilingual Children and Families

What can we do to support stronger engagement and connection to our early learning communities for these children and families?

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