2024-05-27 22:05:50


fkaCS Consultants can support your cultural competency. Culture is not just about ethnicity or race; it is also about the diversity of family lifestyles, structures and ways of being.

As described in the EYLF, building cultural competence is an ongoing process that requires early childhood professionals to:

  • Be aware of personal culture, values and beliefs 
  • Acknowledge both similarities and differences 
  • Have positive attitudes to differences 
  • Gain knowledge of different cultural practices and perspectives 
  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills 
  • Understand that culture relates to many things.

fkaCS Consultants support educators to think critically about these elements, to translate them into everyday practice and build capacity to:

  • Respect and support each child’s cultural identity 
  • Ensure that the children’s cultural background is incorporated into the program 
  • Understand current knowledge of language development in order to create an environment which supports natural language learning and interaction 
  • Establish a supportive environment which affirms children’s right to use languages other than English 
  • Assist parents to understand the value of multilingualism. 

Please contact an fkaCS Consultant to discuss how we can support you:

03 9428 4471 | culturalinclusion@fka.org.au