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Resource: Why Play is Important

Continuing to support families in their child’s ongoing learning and development is currently at the forefront of the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector. It is important that Early Childhood Education and Care Services are communicating with families how they can provide and engage in play opportunities and experiences with their children.

We know that play is the driver of all learning and development for children, and in the early learning environment our spaces reflect this. When supporting families to view play as an important learning and development tool we must consider how we are communicating this to all families who participate in our early years settings, particularly those who are multilingual.

The Raising Children Network have developed information for families about the importance of play for their child’s ongoing learning and development, inclusive of play ideas for children across the newborn to primary age range.

Their article Why Play is Important supports families understanding of; why play is important, the different types of play and play ideas that support development.

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Date published: 27.4.2020

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