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Message to the Sector: COVID-Safe Service Delivery

To the Early Education and Care Sector,

fkaCS understands that the beginning of a new year can be both exciting and sometimes challenging when building new relationships with children and families.

fkaCS has a responsibility to keep the early childhood sector, fkaCS staff – including Community Language Support Workers – and our vulnerable early learning community safe during this current Omicron wave. fkaCS employees, including Community Language Support Workers, must follow all COVID safety guidelines and requirements. This has meant the fkaCS process for scheduling and delivering onsite support from fkaCS Consultants and Community Language Support Workers has undergone many changes.

Currently fkaCS is working towards ensuring all our workers meet the COVID-19 third dose requirements. For this reason, we will continue to offer online fkaCS support, including online Community Language Support for the remainder of February.

We endeavor to return of onsite support in early to mid-March.

Where you feel you have an immediate need for support either from an fkaCS Consultant or Community Language Support Worker, please contact fkaCS and one of our consultants will be able to assist you in designing strategies to support your immediate need.

We thank you for your understanding.

fka Children's Services

Date published: 2.2.2022

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