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Vale Margaret Courtney

12/08/1947 - 08/06/2024

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Margaret Courtney, a much-loved member of the fkaCS family and a dedicated member of the team for over 15 years.
Margaret began her role as Secretary for then Director Ms Heather Moorhead AM and later Secretary for the Multicultural Resource Centre, Head of Administration and Secretary for Executive Director, Dr Priscilla Clarke OAM.
Dr Pricilla Clarke has shared the following thoughts about Margaret dedication and commitment to fkaCS: Margaret was not only in charge of the other administrative staff but looked after the band of loyal volunteers, that kept fkaCS going. Margaret always made sure there were plenty of tasks for them to do, keeping them comfy with cups of tea and ensuring they felt important and appreciated.
In her role as Head of Administration, Margaret supported and encouraged all staff, including consultants, admin staff and bilingual staff. Margaret was a wonderful support and friend to me as Executive Director. Both Margaret and her husband provided exceptional support to fkaCS that far exceeded her role, such as making delicious sponges cakes for special occasions, including the FKA Centenary celebrations.
Margaret was both a wonderful secretary and friend, and I will miss her.
Dr Priscilla Clarke OAM
Former Director, fka Children's Services

Date published: 12.6.2024

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