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Days of Significance Calendar (April 2018 - March 2019) Released

‘Children learn to respond to diversity with respect when educators explore the culture, heritage, backgrounds and traditions of each child within the context of their community’

- The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, 2009, p.27

The fkaCS Days of Significance Calendar can be used as starting point to learn about and incorporate days of significance from around the world – religious, cultural, national and international – in your program. Remember every family is unique and will have differing values and priorities. Prior to including any particular days in your program it is essential to consult with families and your local community to ensure authentic consultation and respectful relationships are developed. Consultation may involve understanding how and when days of significance are celebrated or acknowledged and identifying additional days that are important to the family or local community.

For further reading refer to the fkaCS article Respectful celebrations in early childhood recently published in the Victorian Inclusion Agency’s publication Embrace (3rd edition).

Download the Calendar from the Educator Resources page and print to A3 for best results.

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Date published: 24.4.2018

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