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COVID-19 Vaccination Roll Out

As part of the COVID-19 vaccination roll out, all Victorians aged 16 years and above are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Getting vaccinated is important for your own safety, as well at the safety of our early childhood education and care community. All early childhood teachers, educators, staff, parents and carers are encouraged to make an appointment and to get vaccinated as soon as possible. It’s so important.

Individuals are encouraged to visit the coronavirus.vic.gov.au website for more details.


How to book an appointment

You can now book or change a vaccination appointment through the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine online booking system.

The booking system is free and easy to use to help you book at a convenient vaccination centre.


Helpful resources

For more information, refer to:


Translated Information for Families

There are a range of translated resources available to ensure all Victorians have access to up to date information regarding COVID-19 vaccinations:

Thank you again for your hard work in keeping our communities safe.


Date published: 30.8.2021

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