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Yarn Strong Sista: Traditional and Contemporary Games Workshop

Session Date and Time:

16.11.2017 – 16.11.2017
Thursday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm


FKA Children’s Services, 42 Dight St, Collingwood VIC 3066


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For more information contact:

Yarn Strong Sista 03 9338 3492

FKA Children's Services 03 9428 4471 | fkacs@fka.org.au



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FKA Children's Services and Yarn Strong Sista
Culture and Community Partnership

This is the final workshop in a series of four hands-on workshops delivered by Yarn Strong Sista’s Annette Sax – Taungurung Early Childhood Consultant, Artist and Storyteller – here at FKA Children’s Services in Collingwood.


Session Summary: 

Marngrook is a traditional Aboriginal game played by Victoria’s First People. Marngrook was played with a possum skin ball stuffed with reeds from the creek. The game we know as AFL is based on Marngrook and Gaelic Football.

This Professional Development workshop explores contemporary versions of traditional games in a hands-on way. Traditionally Aboriginal children were taught skills in survival through play. By actively participating in the workshop, we will learn traditional games that have been adapted. You will go away from this workshop being able to share these games with the children in your Early Childhood Service or School.

By linking Indigenous storytelling with play, we are encouraging the sharing of Indigenous culture within the everyday curriculum. We examine Dr. Sue Atkinson Lopez’s PhD research ‘Indigenous Early Childhood  Curriculum and Self-Determination’ and how games are a part of Aboriginal Pedagogy. This workshop includes group work, storytelling and hands on art experience.

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