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Yarn Strong Sista: Building Authentic Relationships with Aboriginal Families and Communities

Session Date and Time:

1.1.1970 – 1.1.1970
Thursday, 6.30pm to 8.30pm


FKA Children's Services, 42 Dight St, Collingwood


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For more information contact:

Yarn Strong Sista 03 9338 3492

FKA Children's Services 03 9428 4471 | fkacs@fka.org.au


NA - Designed for teachers, educators and other early childhood professionals

FKA Children's Services and Yarn Strong Sista 
Culture and Community Partnership: 

This is the second in a series of four hands-on workshops delivered by Yarn Strong Sista’s Annette Sax – Taungurung Early Childhood Consultant, Artist and Storyteller – here at FKA Children’s Services in Collingwood. Participants are welcome to join individual workshops or all four.

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Whose Country do you live on? What Language group land do you work on? What do you do when you have an Aboriginal child or student you care for and educate?

Reaching out and shaping genuine and lasting relationships with local Aboriginal families and communities is an important action as a way of embedding Aboriginal curriculum in the everyday program.

In this Professional Development we will share Dr. Sue Atkinson Lopez’s PhD research ‘Indigenous Early Childhood Curriculum and Self Determination’ which has a focus on ‘What Aboriginal Parents Want for Their Children Attending Early Childhood Services’. This is vital knowledge that gives voice to Aboriginal families and their experiences within Early Childhood Services.

Participants will gain a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture and feel more confident to support Aboriginal inclusive practise in their services. You will be inspired by the stories of Early Childhood Professionals that have made a commitment to Reconciliation. Educators will also develop a resource they can share with children and families they work with. This workshop includes group work storytelling and hands-on art experience.

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