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Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021

Session Date and Time:

26.5.2021 – 26.5.2021
Wednesday, 5:30pm - 7:00pm


Online, via Zoom



For more information contact:

fkacommunications@fka.org.au  |  9428 4471


fkaCS Membership


The President and Members of the Board of Management of fka Children’s Services Inc. invite you to participate in our 2021 virtual Annual General Meeting.

fkaCS Members for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 Membership Years would have received an email invitation on Thursday 29/04/21. Please check your junk mail or contact us on 9428 4471 if you have not yet received the invitation.

**Please note, you will need your 9-digit Membership ID to complete nominations, appoint a proxy, and/or register for the event. Please contact us if you have misplaced your ID.**



  • Welcome to Members
  • Apologies
  • Minutes of previous AGM held 26 November 2019
  • Presentation of fkaCS Annual Report
  • Annual financial statements, the Directors’ Report and the Auditor’s Report for the financial year ended 30 December 2020
  • Setting the membership fees for 2021/22
  • Election of the Board Members
  • Determining the number of ordinary members of the Board that will hold office for 2021/22

How to participate in the meeting

fkaCS will be using Zoom to host the virtual AGM. Details and instructions for the platform can be found here.


Voting electronically

Due to the nature of a virtual AGM, fkaCS recognises that not all members will be able to attend and cast their vote. If you would like to vote but will not attend the meeting, email fkacommunications@fka.org.au so we can send you a link to the online poll on 13 May.

Those who RSVP will automatically be sent reports, an online poll link and papers on 13 May.

You may wish to vote in advance of the meeting using the online poll or you may wish to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. Your proxy can be another member of the Association or you may nominate the President or Secretary to vote on your behalf.

Click here to appoint a proxy.

**All proxy forms need to be submitted 24 hours prior to the meeting.**


Board nominations

fkaCS rules stipulate we must declare a third of the positions on the Board vacant and hold elections for those positions each year. Contact fkaCS for further information or complete nomination forms linked below.

If you would like to nominate yourself for a position on the Board, click here.

If you would like to nominate another person for a position on the Board, click here.

**Nominations are due close of business 12 May 2021.(**

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