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Annual General Meeting 2022

Session Date and Time:

4.8.2022 – 4.8.2022
Thursday, 4:30pm


fka Children's Services
18 Harper Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067



For more information contact:

RSVP by 29 JULY to fkacs@fka.org.au | 03 9428 4471



The President and Members of the Board of Management of fka Children’s Services Inc. invite you to participate in our 112th Annual General Meeting, featuring a special launch of Dr Sue Atkinson's Possum Skin Pedagogy Resource Kits.


About the Possum Skin Pedagogy Kits

Compiled by Dr Sue Atkinson AM and fkaCS Professional Learning and Mentoring Lead Angela Ditchmen, these kits have been developed to aid in the delivery of Possum Skin Pedagogy and are available for fkaCS members to borrow from the Multicultural Resource Centre. 

Each carefully curated kit reflects one of the seven narratives from Possum Skin Pedagogy and includes a range of resources as well as a guide for educators detailing how these resources can be used to support delivery of the messaging and themes from Possum Skin Pedagogy. 

The kits will be launched by Aunty Fay Muir, Boonwurrung Elder, linguist and author. Download a copy of the invitation here.

fkaCS Annual General Meeting

Voting by proxy / online

fkaCS recognises that not all members will be able to attend and cast their vote. If you would like to vote but will not attend the meeting, you may do one of the following:

  1. Appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf - your proxy can be another member of the Association or you may nominate the President or Secretary to vote on your behalf. Simply download the form here and once complete, email to fkacs@fka.org.au by Friday 29 July.
  2. Complete the online voting poll here no later than COB Wednesday 3 August.


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