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Culturally Inclusive Transitions in Early Childhood: Preston Workshop

Preston Workshop

Session Date and Time:

12.2.2020 – 12.2.2020
Wednesday, 9:30am - 12:30pm


Venue TBC


$90 - $150

For more information contact:

 03 9428 4471  |  training@fka.org.au




How do we ensure all children and families experience equity for successful transitions into services and schools?

The VEYLDF (2016, p. 3) emphasises the importance of supporting children’s and families’ transitions as they move within and across services throughout the early childhood period.

This professional learning session is designed to assist early childhood services in:

  • Facilitating smooth transitions for children and families into early childhood services.

  • Actively supporting children and families in their transition from the Early Years Environment to the Primary School Environment.

  • Identifying what inclusive communication looks like; ensuring families and children experience active participation and making communication shared.

  • Accessing and engaging with the wider community.


Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST):
7.3 Engage with parents/carers: Establish and maintain respectful collaborative relationships with parents/carers regarding their children’s learning and wellbeing

National Quality Standards:
6.1.1 Engagement with the service: Families are supported from enrolment to be involved in the service and contribute to service decisions.
6.2.2 Access and Participation: effective partnerships support children’s access, inclusion and participation in the program.

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