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Bilingual Workers

Bilingual Workers support Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) service staff and educators to settle and engage the child and family in the service by facilitating communication through a shared language. 

The Bilingual Worker works under the direction of fkaCS Consultants and the ECEC service staff to provide the child's home language in order to:

  • Create an environment in which the child’s home language is spoken, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and well-being
  • Facilitate communication and support relationship development between the educator and the child
  • Support communication between the child and other children in the service to enable the child to develop a sense of wellbeing and belonging to the service
  • Facilitate communication between the service and family by providing a shared language
  • Facilitate cultural awareness by enabling the exchange and sharing of information between educators and parents about the child and family life.

Benefits of an fkaCS Bilingual Worker

fkaCS undertakes an intensive recruitment and induction process to ensure Bilingual Workers are 'service ready'. This includes a broad understanding of the Australian ECEC context such as:

  • Understanding regulations that impact the way they work
  • Understanding how the National Quality Standard and Approved Frameworks determine how educators and services work
  • Understanding play based learning and contemporary behaviour guidance practice
  • Understanding the importance of maintaining home languages and how to support this

fkaCS Bilingual Workers also:

  • Have valid Working With Children Checks (WWCC)
  • Have at least an introductory understanding of the Child Safe Standards and processes to follow

fkaCS Bilingual Workers are provided with coaching, support and advice from fkaCS Consultants to enhance their capabilities in the ECEC setting through the provision of targeted strategies. This promotes effective utilisation of the time limited Bilingual Worker support and ensures child and family engagement is maximised.


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