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Request Bicultural Support

Fee-for-Service Bicultural Support
Contact an fkaCS Consultant via phone to discuss your support needs and request a quote. Support options include Bicultural Support Consultancy, Bilingual Worker visits to your service as well as phone support, targeted strategies and resources.  


Australian Government Funded Children’s Services
Your service may be eligible for Australian Government funding towards the cost of Bicultural Support through the Inclusion Support Programme. Please contact the Victorian Inclusion Agency to find out more 1800 177 017.  


Victorian Government Funded Children’s Services (state funded Kindergarten programs) 
The Department of Education and Training funds fkaCS to provide support to Victorian state funded kindergartens in the inclusion of Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) children and families.

The Department has recently broadened the way it provides support to kindergartens to ensure it responds to the unique circumstances of each service and targets CALD children with the highest needs.

Support offered includes:

  • Cultural capacity building and curriculum advice – offered by phone, email and/or in-service training
  • Professional development on English as an Additional Language
  • Language support
  • Access to resources

Eligible services can apply for support by completing an application form and submitting it to fkaCS. We will work with your service in developing an approach that meets your needs. Please submit completed application forms to:

An fkaCS consultant will review the information and contact you to discuss your needs and develop a customised strategy for your service. Support may include professional development, language support from an fkaCS bilingual worker, referral to other services and factual tips sheets and resources.

Please note: fkaCS can support you to complete the application form
Do not hesitate to contact via 03 9428 4471 or email biculturalsupport@fka.org.au


Bicultural Support for Supported Playgroups
For Playgroups who have received the Department of Education and Training one-off funding to include Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) families in Supported Playgroups, FKA Children’s Services (fkaCS) can assist in playgroup engagement and outcomes.

We have a 'pool' of Bilingual Workers in a range of locations across Victoria, speaking languages other than English that are common within the community. 

Bilingual Workers can assist Playgroup Facilitators who do not have a shared language with the family/ies attending the service to effectively communicate and engage in the playgroup. Read more

Parent/Guardian Permission: Please note it is the ECEC service's responsibility to seek permission from parents/guardians to access Bicultural Support.  


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